Week 3 Education


The National MIT fee is $50.00 and is due at the time of PINNING
The National INITIATION and badge fee is $200.00 and is due at the
time of the NATIONAL EXAM
National Dues are $25.00 for an entire year and $12.50 for half a year

1) 10K gold with semi-crown set pearls- $80.00
2) 10 K gold with Full crown set of Pearls- $90.00

Sword of Honor – a golden word given for outstanding fraternity service or for exceptional
campus or community leadership
Ruby Sword of Honor – a gold sword inset with a ruby, given each year for the candidate
chosen as the province leadership award winner
Rose of Honor – a gold rose with a ruby center, given only to those alumna who have given
outstanding  or extraordinary service to the fraternity, the community, and the
local chapter
Rose of Dedication –  A gold rose with a pearl center, surrounded by the laurel wreath,
and is given for 25 years or more of outstanding continuous service to the fraternity, to the
community, and the local chapter.
Ring of Excellence – This is the fraternity’s highest honor. It is a ring in the shape of the
fraternity badge with 2 engraved roses on the shaft. It may be given for outstanding service
to the National orginization, or given to an internationally renouned artist, scholar, or
teacher who was initiated as a college or non-student member.

Scholastic Award – Awarded anually to the graduating senior in each college chapter who
has attained the highest grade point average during her college years and whom the head
of the Music department reccomends.
Collegiate Honor Award – Awarded anually to a collegiae member recognized for
musicianship, scholorship, and fraternity service and whom the head of the music
department reccomends.
National Outstanding Treasurer Award – This is presented anually based on nominations
from Province officers.
National Collegiate Leadership Award – Awarded annually and selected from province
leadership award winners.
National Alumnae Leadership Award – Awarded annually  for outstanding service
to the fraternity, the local chapter, and the community.

Other awards include:
The Dorthy Whinery Special Leadership Award
National Outstanding Advisor Award
Member Laureate
Honorary Member
National Arts Associate
Friend of the Arts


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